Sherman & Howard Real Estate Attorneys Featured in Law Week Colorado’s Coverage of “U.S. News — Best Law Firms 2023.”

DENVER (Nov. 16, 2022) — Four Sherman & Howard real estate attorneys were featured in Law Week Colorado’s Real Estate Law article as part of their coverage of “U.S. News Best Law Firms 2023.” Ryan Christ, Rebecca Fischer, Cyndi Stovall, and Joseph Krabacher commented about the present and future real estate market in Colorado.

“On the legal front, numerous Colorado law firms were honored for all they do in this crazy market,” the article stated. It mentioned that Sherman & Howard was recently named to a Tier 1 ranking in Colorado for real estate law and ranked Tier 3 nationally in “U.S. News — Best Law Firms 2023.”

The attorneys were asked about their thoughts on the market. The following are quotes pulled from the article.

Christ said, “With the Federal Reserve taking action in regard to interest rates in order to combat inflation, it is relatively easy to forecast at least a modest decline in real estate activity throughout the country. Typically, Colorado is able to maintain our real estate market without much harm.”

Fischer added, “History tells us that real estate law will always be in play, no matter how the next economic cycle unfolds, with hurdles for some and opportunities for others.”

Stovall said she was concerned about inflation, as well. “As inflation exacerbates the existing housing affordability crisis, governmental entities at all levels are working to require and encourage the development of affordable housing through various measures.”

Krabacher, based in Aspen, also noted his area was feeling the impacts of inflation.  “Construction picked up substantially starting in 2021 and into 2022 but has slowed as some owners believe deferring major construction projects in hopes of lower or more stabilized cost increases. Increases in prices are across-the-board from materials, subcontractor costs, and the lack of affordable housing, resulting in labor shortages.”

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