Established in 1892, Sherman & Howard is Denver’s oldest law firm. Founded by James H. Pershing as a real estate-focused, single-lawyer firm in Denver, Colorado, we are now more than 150 lawyers with clients across the nation and eight offices located in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Leading the way for the legal industry in the West, we began with real estate and municipal bond and investment securities law practices and eventually acquired litigation expertise, mining specialization, and corporate law know-how. We built out our practices, gained industry experience, and grew into a full service law firm always looking to help shape the future for our clients and communities.

Members of our firm have served as state senators, community and civic leaders, historians, and philanthropists. Our lawyers have become renowned in many areas of law and are regarded as business-savvy, innovative thinkers and formidable courtroom opponents. Over the years, our firm has helped establish new laws; we’ve handled game-changing litigation; and we’ve helped clients grow from new and emerging entities to iconic brands. We’ve also helped our clients build their wealth, preserve it, and pass it on to future generations, often advising families for decades, including one family that we’ve been advising since our firm’s inception.

The firm has undergone impressive growth, acquiring incredible talent across practices and industries and evolving over time to best meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Today, we comprise a diverse membership united by the same mission we’ve always had—to respect the law, work collaboratively, and provide exceptional service to each and every client.