Lethal Danger Needed to Invoke Wrongful Discharge Claim

By Joseph Hunt Zero tolerance against workplace violence is a laudable policy. So too is encouraging employees to withdraw to safety when encountering workplace violence. Thus, when two employees get into a fight, a rational response (and one consistent with these policies) may be to fire both employees. There is an ongoing debate in courts […]

Violence Against Women

By Bill Wright The facts alleged are horrific. A supervisor had a history of screaming obscenities and throwing things at women who worked for him. The employer sent him to anger management classes. His preferred victim was seven months pregnant when he coerced her to travel out of town with him by threatening to fire her […]

Cussing Out The Boss May Be Protected

By Jon Watson During a meeting about commissions and minimum wage and about his own and other sales peoples’ breaks, an employee lost his temper. In a raised voice he called his supervisors names, including “f***ing mother f***ing,” f***ing crook[s],” and an “a**hole,” among others. He also stood up, pushed his chair aside, and told […]