Law Week Colorado Turns to Sherman & Howard’s Estate Planning Practice for Trends

Proper estate planning is essential, and the idea is picking up as the Baby Boomer generation begins to transition their estates. So, Law Week Colorado turned to Sherman & Howard member Christopher Cole and associate Michael Silberberg to explain changing laws and trends in estate planning.

Below is as an excerpt from the article:

Estate planning has seen some major adjustments in recent years, whether it be from law changes or issues related to the pandemic.

Attorney Christopher Cole, a member at Sherman & Howard who does a lot of tax planning for high-net-worth families, said his practice has seen a shift.

“The boomers are the wealthiest generation that the world has ever seen,” Cole said. ‘They’re also starting to pass away and transition their wealth and just demographically, I think we’re seeing a lot more interest in estate planning for that reason alone.”

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