Trump Win = Paid Maternity Leave?

By Bill Wright

In the first of our “Trump Win =” blogs, we explore a recent Trump campaign promise, and a surprising one at that.  In September, then-candidate Trump announced that he would support the creation of a six-week paid maternity leave.  The leave would be available only to new mothers, and only in instances where the employer does not already provide a paid benefit.  The benefit would be funded through a tweak of employers’ mandatory unemployment insurance.  The paid benefit would not provide full wage replacement, but would, instead pay out more or less like an unemployment claim.  According to the Trump website, the benefit would only be available to same-sex couples in states that recognize same-sex marriages, which is something of a head-scratcher given the Supreme Court’s repudiation of same-sex marriage bans in Obergfell v. Hodges in 2015.  Perhaps President-Elect Trump hopes his new Supreme Court nominee(s) will help overturn Obergfell?  Stay tuned.