That Shouldn’t Be My Job

By Bill Wright

The plaintiff argued he was fired over a host of production issues, but none were his fault. Every single issue was someone else’s fault. So, he argued, he must have been fired because of his age. The employer said it fired him because he wouldn’t take responsibility (collectively with the rest of the management team) for the production operations. The Plaintiff responded: I shouldn’t be held responsible for what other people do. That goes a little further than usual. Plaintiffs often claim certain duties are not in their job description, but what can you do when the employee admits he has a duty, but claims he shouldn’t have it? I’d say you let the employee go. The court also didn’t buy the plaintiff’s argument; it dismissed his claim. Widmar v. Sun Chemical Corp., No. 13-2313 (7th Cir. Nov. 19, 2014).