Colorado Vacation Pay Update

By Andy Volin Earlier this month, we alerted you that the Colorado Department of Labor was considering an enforcement position with respect to “use it or lose it” vacation policies. The CDOL recently issued a FAQ document about Colorado’s 2015 Wage Protection Act, which included 2 questions and answers about these policies. CDOL website with […]

Colorado Vacation Pay Alert

By Andy Volin Colorado employers should check their vacation policies to make sure they aren’t “use it or lose it” type policies. The Colorado Department of Labor is soon to announce new enforcement provisions that will prohibit any forfeiture of earned vacation pay. We will alert you when the CDOL finalizes this rule. In the […]

Workers May Choose Vacation or FMLA Leave

By Matt Morrison In 2007, Maria Escriba requested and received two weeks of vacation from her employer to travel to Guatemala to care for her ailing father. When Escriba did not return to work at the end of her leave, the employer discharged her.  Escriba sued, alleging that her employer unlawfully interfered with her right […]