Sports Law

In its most specialized form, the world of sports law encompasses the organization, promotion, management, and regulation of sports competitions and their participants Sherman & Howard’s attorneys have significant experience in these areas. Our work includes all levels of sports: national junior programs, high schools, colleges and universities, Olympic and international sports, and professional teams. We have represented a wide spectrum of organization and participants in sports: professional leagues (major and minor); professional teams and their owners, athletes and players (professional, Olympic and international, and amateur); sports executives, coaches, officials, the United States Olympic Committee, USA Paralympics, National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of sports, and International Federations (IFs) recognized by the IOC.

In addition to advising clients on specialized sport matters, the firm provides broader legal counseling to a wide range of clients with a special sensitivity to their roles in the sports world. Our advice encompasses such diverse areas as corporate and commercial concerns, restructuring, creditor issues, intellectual property law, antitrust law, labor and employment law, arena and stadium financing, franchising, agent relations, and player contracts.

Sherman & Howard’s sports attorneys are also active in the litigation of sports disputes, both in court and in arbitration. They have handled matters involving traditional business, commercial, and corporate litigation on behalf of athletes and sports entities as well as disputes in highly specialized sports law areas such as high school and college eligibility issues, the composition of USA Olympic and international teams, disputes over sporting contests, the qualification of entities as National Governing Bodies, and disputes before international sports tribunals. In addition, our attorneys have served as arbitrators and mediators in international sporting disputes.