Space Law

In representing U.S. and international clients in space law matters, Sherman & Howard draws on the space law knowledge and decades of experience of our attorneys as well as our extensive work in advising pioneers in the cable and telecommunications industries.

The Chair of the Space Law Practice Group, Milton “Skip” Smith, is one of sixteen space industry leaders and lawyers on the Board of Directors of the International Institute of Space Law.  Skip is an adjunct professor of space law at the University of Colorado Law School, has a Doctorate in space law, and has authored a number of leading publications, including his book International Regulation of Satellite Communication.  Skip has negotiated deals and litigated disputes with dollar values into the hundreds of millions.  He has considerable alternative dispute resolution experience and is a mediator and AAA arbitrator.  Skip has held several significant space law leadership positions, including having served as both Director of Space Law at U.S. Space Command and Chief of Space Law at the Pentagon’s Air Force Headquarters. Skip also served in Geneva as the Legal Advisor of the 50-person U.S. Delegation at the ITU Conference on the Geostationary Satellite Orbit. Skip also worked for two years in the Office of the Legal Adviser, U.S. State Department, on Iran – U.S. Claims Tribunal cases.  Skip is a former Chair of the Colorado Space Business Roundtable.

Other members of the group include Durward “D” Timmons, who served as Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Air Force advising on a wide variety of space-related issues.  Also, Joseph Krabacher, served for ten years as general counsel to several Russian satellite companies, including Intersputnik, Informcosmos, and Information Satellite Systems (the former NPO-PM), as well as a legal advisor to the Russian Space Agency, and negotiated contracts with, among other space industry companies, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Hughes Space and Communications, and the Friendly Islands Satellite Communication Company of the Kingdom of Tonga (Tongasat). Steven Miller is actively involved in satellite financing having acted as counsel to lenders, satellite owners and lessees and in connection with project financing for the construction of satellites.

They, along with our attorneys who advise cable and telecommunications clients, and U.S. Government contractors and subcontractors, have helped national and international clients address legal matters ranging from the planning, purchasing and operation of space assets, to launch services and space insurance, to the leasing and launching of satellites, to the negotiation of security interests in mobile equipment, and other issues. Space Law Practice Group members also include seasoned litigators and arbitrators who have handled a wide variety of disputed matters.

The Outer Space Treaty and Colorado Space Business – This program addresses the Outer Space Treaty and how it has helped to foster Colorado space business.   2017 is the 50th anniversary of the Outer Space Treaty.  Industry experts discuss the treaty’s key provisions and the impact of the treaty on the development of Colorado space business. Please click the link below to view the presentation by Sherman & Howard and the Secure World Foundation.