Public Law

Sherman & Howard’s attorneys draw on their extensive experience in the public and private sectors to represent clients successfully as they navigate relationships with their local, state, and federal governments. No matter how large or small the issue, our attorneys work collaboratively to provide thoughtful, effective counsel. Our matters have cut across all three branches of government. Our expertise includes:

Public Law


The firm’s attorneys have represented clients in high-stakes matters involving elections and ballot measures. We have litigated election lawsuits involving races for the US Presidency, the US Senate, the legislature, and a host of other local offices and issues. As for state initiatives, we have handled matters before Colorado’s Title Board, including dozens of appeals before the Colorado Supreme Court. Through this work, we have developed expertise on drafting ballot measures, signature collection and verification, Amendment 71, and the “single subject” rule.

+Campaign Finance

Our attorneys also work with clients to ensure compliance with federal and state campaign finance laws and, where necessary, represent them in regulatory and enforcement actions. We have counseled clients on a wide range of issues including the formation of political committees, complying with contribution limits and disclosure rules, and navigating the rules and regulations surrounding express advocacy and electioneering communications.

+Constitutional Litigation

We have extensive experience in cases involving the Federal and Colorado Constitutions. Our attorneys have litigated several groundbreaking lawsuits arising under provisions of the U.S. Constitution—including the First Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, the dormant Commerce Clause, and Article 2, Section 1 (the Electoral College). At the state level, we have represented clients in disputes arising out of TABOR, Article XXVIII, and the state’s Bill of Rights, among others. We also regularly write amicus curiae briefs on a wide variety of issues.

+Federal and State Investigations

Drawing on our extensive experience in government and as in-house counsel, our attorneys have managed investigations relating to securities, consumer protection statutes, antitrust rules, and other laws. We have successfully defended businesses and individuals in white collar and other criminal matters involving healthcare, securities, government contracts, and a variety of other subjects. We also work with clients on open records requests and related issues. When federal or state agencies like the Department of Justice, a state Attorney General, or a district attorney begin an investigation, our lawyers know how to respond and vigorously defend our clients’ interests.

+Counseling Charitable and Political Entities

Charitable and political entities face a complex array of laws, rules, and regulations. We work hand in hand with nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. Whether a client is starting up a new organization, working to maintain its tax-exempt status, or confirming that it is following laws regarding political activity, our attorneys can help. Finally, our renowned public finance group, which has practiced in the Rocky Mountain West for 120 years, routinely handles bonds used to fund utilities, schools, cultural facilities, and more.

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