Our Difference

Our team assesses and analyzes the facts, evaluates the risks, and crafts a timely, tailored response. In each instance, we engage in a comprehensive, disciplined approach, taking time to understand and assess each situation before reaching thoughtful, well-informed findings and appropriate recommendations. From a high-profile matter involving an educational institution to an internal investigation involving a government representative, our team has guided clients through every applicable stage that can result from allegations of misconduct against an organization’s leaders or other employees—an internal investigation, government inquiries, regulatory enforcement actions, litigation, crisis management, and post-resolution remediation.

Our Approach

Sherman & Howard attorneys possess the knowledge, experience, and resources to advise on all types of investigations and enforcement actions. We offer clients the strategic and practical advice they need to anticipate and appropriately respond to regulatory inquiries and whistleblower complaints in order to mitigate potential risks.

Our lawyers also assist with any necessary disclosures and advise on communications with internal and external stakeholders, the public, and the media. We help draft and revise company policies, identify areas for improvement, craft customized training programs, and suggest actions to correct problems and mitigate future risk exposure.

Our well-respected, experienced team includes a former federal prosecutor and Fortune 250 chief compliance officer, a former Department of Justice attorney, a former Securities and Exchange attorney, and corporate, regulatory, employment, and criminal and civil litigation attorneys skilled in conducting complex, independent investigations for companies,  educational institutions, and legislative bodies.

The firm’s Internal & Government Investigations Group strives for efficiency and excellence, minimizing cost and disruption so our clients can focus on building and maintaining their reputations and achieving business success. In this way we empower boards and senior leadership to restore and retain customer and stakeholder confidence.


We have represented public and private companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, local and state government agencies, political entities, executives, and other personnel in handling allegations of:

  • Discrimination, harassment, and other improper workplace behavior
  • Ethics violations
  • Regulatory and compliance violations
  • Fraud, fiduciary breaches, and failure to disclose material information
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets and other confidential information, misuse of corporate information, and improper use of social media accounts
  • Consumer complaints
  • Tax violations
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • Environmental violations