Our International Arbitration and Litigation attorneys work with clients to prevent and solve international disputes, and handle international arbitration and litigation matters in the U.S. and abroad. With our knowledge of the issues, legal systems, arbitral institutions, process, courts, counsel and arbitrators, we help our clients to succeed, regardless whether the dispute is centered in the U.S. or elsewhere.

Why We’re Different

Our lawyers include the former Vice President and General Counsel of an $8 billion division of a Fortune 50 company (who managed international business disputes and supervised outside counsel for 25 years), advocates who regularly handle international disputes in the U.S. and abroad, and arbitrators who are Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and panel members for the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), and other arbitral institutions. Whether the client is an individual, a business, or a foreign state or state-owned entity, our unique combination of in-house counsel, outside counsel and arbitrator experience distinguishes us from other law firms, and helps us to make sure that we hear and address our client’s specific needs and goals, rather than to follow a standard, “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Not only have our lawyers served as advocates and arbitrators in ICC arbitrations, they have helped to shape the ICC arbitration system. Our lawyers have been members of the ICC Commission on Arbitration for many years, and helped to draft the current version of the ICC Rules of Arbitration. They have served on or co-chaired various ICC Commission Task Forces, including the Task Force of the Revision to the ICC Rules of Arbitration, the Task Force on Expertise, the Task Force on the Use of Information Technology in International Arbitration, the Task Force on the Use of Electronically-Stored Information, and the Task Force on the Role of Parties and their Inside Counsel in International Arbitration. Our lawyers are also active in the International Bar Association and its Arbitration Committee and Task Forces. One of our lawyers serves on the Board of Directors of the American Arbitration Association, which oversees the AAA’s domestic arbitration activities, as well as those of the AAA’s international affiliate, the ICDR.

Our lawyers know and understand non-U.S. legal systems, and have handled matters involving parties in England, France, Scotland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, Canada, St.Kitts and Nevis, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, and various other countries. One of our lawyers is a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, as well as a Colorado attorney.

Our arbitration and litigation lawyers have been recognized by their peers and listed in publications including The International Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration, The International Who’s Who of Construction Lawyers, Guide to the World’s Leading Experts in Commercial Arbitration, Colorado Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and Chambers USA.

We have strong personal and professional relationships with other advocates and arbitrators around the world, and thus usually can help regardless of the location of the dispute.

International Arbitration

Our experience includes international commercial, construction and sports arbitration matters.

Before disputes arise, we help our clients with sales, M&A, finance and other transactions by helping them to negotiate and draft arbitration agreements that are appropriate for the parties and the particular transaction, and advise our clients regarding the pros and cons of international arbitration and arbitral institutions.

When disputes arise, we represent both claimants and respondents in arbitrations seated in the U.S. and abroad. We help our clients choose an arbitrator who is suitable for the case. As advocates and arbitrators, we have experience with non-administered and administered cases, including (for example) matters under ICC, ICDR, SIAC, LCIA, and British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (BCICAC) rules.

Representative Matters

  • Representing the claimant and counterclaim-defendant, an Arizona company, in an ICC arbitration under New York law, against the subsidiary of a Spanish company in a dispute arising out of a solar energy project.
  • Representing the respondent, a Wisconsin company, in a British Columbia International Arbitration Centre arbitration against a British Columbia company in a dispute under British Columbia law over software development.
  • Representing the claimant, a German company, in an ICC arbitration under German law against a California company in a dispute over credit card processing in e-commerce transactions.
  • Representing the respondent, a German company, in an ICC arbitration under German law against a California company in a dispute over credit card processing in e-commerce transactions.
  • Representing the claimant, a Colorado company, in an ICDR arbitration under New York law against a Mexican company in a dispute over a post-closing purchase price adjustment related to the sale of cable television assets.
  • Representing the claimant, a Colorado company, in an ICC arbitration under English law against a Saudi Arabian company in a dispute over amounts payable in an MMDS television project.
  • Representing a U.S. commercial satellite manufacturer against a European satellite operator in an LCIA arbitration under Luxembourg law in a dispute over fees due under a contract.
  • Representing a commercial space launch provider in an ICDR arbitration under New York law against a U.K based space insurer that was seeking to avoid coverage for future launches.
  • Representing a U.S. commercial satellite manufacturer in an ICC arbitration under Japanese law against an Asian satellite operator in a dispute over a commercial satellite.
  • Representing a software developer whose European customer was claiming damages for breach of contract in an ICC arbitration under English law.
  • Representing the respondent, a Mexican marine contractor, which was the subsidiary of a German company, on claims brought by a Mexican EPC contractor, which was the subsidiary of a Swiss company, in an ICC arbitration under Mexican law in a dispute over a Mexican power plant and the construction of an underwater pipeline.
  • Representing the claimant, a multinational energy company, in an arbitration on claims demanding that a German reinsurer fund legal settlements arising out of a catastrophic accident. Subsequently defended the arbitration award against a challenge filed in the United States District Court.
  • Representing various elite and Olympic athletes and National Governing Bodies in disputes involving Olympic and other international competitions.

International Litigation

Our lawyers handle international litigation matters in U.S. federal and state courts. We understand the issues that make international disputes unique, such as service under the Hague Convention, personal and subject matter jurisdiction over non-U.S. litigants, forum non conveniens, choice of law, obtaining documents and testimony abroad, enforcing foreign judgments in the U.S., and enforcing U.S. judgments abroad. In addition, we manage litigation pending in other countries, where we oversee local lawyers, help formulate case strategy, prepare court filings, and otherwise use our expertise and judgment to work to achieve the best result for our clients.

Representative Matters

  • Representing the Colorado-based plaintiffs in a suit against a Hong Kong conglomerate for securities fraud and breach of contract related to a Hong Kong cable television franchise. After an 11 week jury trial, won a $125.5 million verdict, which was reported as Colorado’s largest. Before trial, defended against defendants’ motion to compel arbitration in U.S. District Court, the 10th Circuit, and the Supreme Court. After trial, defended the judgment all the way to the Supreme Court, which affirmed 9-0. Through the novel use of turnover and contempt proceedings, forced the defendants to post a bond and collected the $200 million plus in damages, interest, costs and attorneys’ fees without litigation in Hong Kong.
  • Representing the claimant in a dispute under Panamanian law arising out of a fraudulent investment scheme involving real property in Panama.
  • Representing chairman of an oil and gas production company in Colorado litigation with substantial collateral proceedings in the Republic of Ireland, the UK and the Caribbean Islands.
    Representing an oil and gas exploration company in a dispute with a vertically-integrated Chinese manufacturer of exploration equipment.
  • Representing the claimant, a U.S. insurer, in litigation in Alberta, Canada law against an American insurance broker who left the U.S. and absconded with premiums that were the insurance company’s property.
  • Corporate investigations involving issues related to companies with assets in Mexico and China.
  • Representing various defendants and working with Israeli counsel in a breach of fiduciary and minority shareholder rights lawsuit in the District Court of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.
  • Representing the plaintiff, a German citizen, in Colorado litigation for breach of contract and civil theft arising out of the sale of an airplane.
  • Representing a defendant, a Colorado company, in U.S. litigation brought by an Irish citizen on claims for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Representing the defendants, including Dutch, Netherland Antilles and Scottish companies and individuals in Colorado federal and state court litigation on claims for securities fraud arising out of an investment in a high-rise office building in Colorado.
  • Representing the claimant, a Dutch company, and leading a team of English solicitors and barristers in a suit against a commercial and investment bank in the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, London. The case, with approximately $2 billion in dispute, concerned whether a bank may compete against a customer that had provided the bank with confidential business and financial information. The English Court of Appeals upheld a preliminary injunction in our client’s favor, and barred the bank from selling an asset that the client contended was acquired in violation of the bank’s duties.
  • Representing the plaintiff, the editor of a scientific journal, in Colorado federal court litigation for breach of contract against an English publishing company.
  • Representing an international telecommunications equipment company in U.S. federal court litigation against various parties, including overseas (Asian) producers of counterfeit products, leading to the seizure of the counterfeit products, impairment of counterfeiting operations, and collection of damages.