The Sherman & Howard Difference

Our team of uniquely qualified attorneys advise businesses, nonprofits, advocacy groups, political organizations, elected officials, and candidates on how to navigate a path to meet their objectives.

For more than 130 years, we have worked with governments in the Rocky Mountain West to help establish everything from infrastructure to public policy.

Our Approach

Our interdisciplinary team consists of a former Speaker of the Colorado House, whose high-level government service singularly positions him to provide guidance on the full spectrum of legal and political issues related to his clients’ efforts to influence public policy and elections; a nationally renowned water law resource, who uses his depth of policy-making experience and notable connections with federal, state, and local decision makers to assist clients on a wide variety of matters including environmental, regulatory and legislative issues, and matters involving the use of public-private partnerships; a member with more than 20 years of political law experience, who has represented government officials in election results challenges and helped Arizona manage their response to the pandemic and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act; an experienced tax attorney, who taught the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and advises clients on matters involving tax issues and the IRS, and those with vast experience in white collar and criminal defense, crisis management, nonprofit organizations, among others offered by our full-service firm.

Whether a candidate for political office needs guidance on campaign finance laws; a newly elected official needs representation during result challenges; an advocacy group, nonprofit, or lobbyist needs advice interpreting new or existing policies; or a business or union needs counsel about ever-changing policies, we are here to help guide our clients through all aspects of government and political law.


Business, nonprofit, and advocacy group representation

  • Advise on legislative strategy, procedure, drafting, and testimony preparation
  • Advise on rulemaking including representation at all stages of the rulemaking process
  • Advise on corporate and nonprofit political activities
  • Advise on IRS compliance for nonprofits related to lobbying and political activities
  • Advise on crisis management
  • Represent during challenges to constitutionality of laws
  • Represent during legal challenges to rules and regulations
  • Advise on federal, state, and local pay-to-play compliance

Elected official and candidate representation

  • Represent candidates during election results challenges
  • Advise on compliance with federal, state, and local ethics laws, rules, and regulations
  • Represent government and elected officials in ethics investigations
  • Advise on crisis management
  • Represent during defamation suits
  • Prepare and review gift, travel, and financial disclosure forms
  • Pre-clear gifts and travel

Federal, state, and local campaign finance compliance

  • Establish and maintain Super PACs, PACs, Independent Expenditure Committees, Issue Committees, and other political organizations
  • Prepare and review FEC and state and local campaign finance filings
  • Pre-clear political advertising
  • Implement internal compliance programs to avoid violations of federal, state, or local laws and regulations
  • Represent during an enforcement action or audit

Federal, state, and local lobbying compliance

  • Advise on federal, state, and local lobbying compliance laws, rules, and regulations
  • Consult on planned events, including receptions, meals, and travel
  • Design and implement internal lobbying compliance programs
  • Represent during an enforcement action or audit


  • Counseled political leaders and officials in their election and re-election campaigns.
  • Provided counsel to political organizations, political parties and campaigns regarding federal and state election law compliance.
  • Counseled a variety of corporations and individuals regarding federal, state, and local lobbying, and gift rule compliance.
  • Litigated multiple political cases, including several concerning the First Amendment.
  • Conducted internal investigations and represented clients during enforcement actions and audits.
  • Assisted with election recounts.
  • Advised corporations on specific pay-to-play laws and other rules governing state and local contributions.
  • Guided corporations, nonprofits, trade associations, and advocacy organizations through formation and establishment of political entities.