Data Security & Privacy

Our data security and privacy team represents a wide array of clients across various industries (including banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, media and many others) in managing and analyzing cyber, data security, and privacy risks, developing internal prevention protocols and best practices, and responding to breaches. Our services include comprehensive breach prevention assessments and other risk mitigation tools, responding to claims, litigation and regulatory investigations after a data breach or a theft or loss of confidential information, compliance counseling, cost management, notification, development and implementation of employment policies, procedures, and manuals, creation and structuring of information and privacy management positions, and insurance recovery services. Recognizing that actions taken in the first minutes or hours following discovery of a breach will impact liability, our integrated team is able to quickly respond to high-stakes claims with a comprehensive approach to incident remediation and prevention. We have also developed strategic relationships with other professionals in the data security industry including forensic companies, insurance professionals, crisis management and public relations firms and can provide easy access to these experts when necessary.