Complex Collections

In any type of business dispute, simply obtaining a judgment is not enough. Creditors need to ensure they have access to the knowledge and ability to follow up with prompt, strategic, and diverse collection actions. Sherman & Howard’s complex collections group works with banks and other creditors in pursuing judgment and other debtors’ assets, including both real and personal property, to satisfy judgments entered for our clients. The team, comprised of attorneys from various practice areas, merges decades of interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to understand the unique issues involved in each collection, and to create individualized collection plans based on differing circumstances. Using investigations, garnishments, asset examinations, liens, property seizures, receiverships, and other diversified means, the group has set aside fraudulent transfers, assisted with disputed property and lien priority issues, and pursued debtors through bankruptcy courts. In addition, the team assists clients in understanding the collection process and creating realistic expectations, thereby helping them make better decisions during the process, including, in some situations, the decision to cease collection efforts. Complex collections require prompt action and knowledge of the process, and our experienced team is able to act quickly to pursue assets in a timely and effective manner.