Antitrust Counseling & Litigation

Sherman & Howard’s antitrust attorneys are fully familiar with substantive antitrust law and economics – counseling clients on strategy and compliance and representing them in the entire range of disputes that arise. Our counsel on strategy and compliance includes helping clients structure transactions and commercial relationships to comply with antitrust laws as well as addressing, as necessary, the notification requirements of both the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice related to compliance with the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. We represent clients in the entire range antitrust disputes that arise, including private actions; private class actions; state and federal agency enforcement proceedings; and investigations by the Federal Trade Commission, the United States Department of Justice, and State enforcement agencies. When litigating antitrust claims, we typically defend clients against such claims. In appropriate cases, however, we prosecute antitrust causes of action. Our litigation experience involves state and federal claims of: monopolization and attempted monopolization; price fixing; horizontal market division; boycotts and refusals to deal; tying and exclusive dealing; improper vertical and distribution restraints; patent abuse; price discrimination; sales below cost; and other claims of improper or predatory pricing.