Time for Employers to Plan Efforts toward H-1B ‘Professional’ Work Authorization for Foreign Recruits

Employers with foreign recruits or existing staff from other countries should start now to consider and assess possible H-1B “professional” nonimmigrant petition eligibility. There are significant developments under consideration for the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services’ likely March 2021 registration system employers will need to follow if they want to be a chosen employer in the H-1B annual quota.

There are also prevailing wage considerations for this year’s selection system, as well as prevailing wage issues that have, in late 2020, been the subject of federal court litigation.

Carol Hildebrand, an immigration attorney in our corporate transaction group, and Suzanne Harrod, our immigration paralegal, both have over 20 years’ experience advising our clients on the Immigration and Nationality Act and its related regulations and policies. If you have any questions, Carol can be contacted at 303.299.8106 or childebrand@shermanhoward.com.