News Now: Judges, Podcasts, Lawsuits, and More


August is here and temperatures are rising. Make sure to keep yourself cool while reading these public-law highlights:

  • Remembering Justice Stevens. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died this month at the age of 99. The Justice, who spent 35 years on the Court and retired in 2010, was one of its oldest and longest-serving members.
  • Colorado’s chief court administrator resigns. Christopher Ryan, the second-highest-ranking administrative official in Colorado’s judicial branch, resigned this month after the Denver Post investigated a $2.5 million contract he awarded to his former chief of staff. The judiciary is accepting applications for his replacement.
  • Federal court revives TABOR fight. The Tenth Circuit reversed a lower court decision and will allow a lawsuit challenging TABOR to go forward. In the case, the plaintiffs maintain that TABOR violates the Guaranty Clause of the US Constitution. The appellate court did not rule on the merits, but held that local governments have standing to bring the suit.
  • HearSay’s latest episode is out. Law Week Colorado released the newest episode of its podcast HearSay. In the episode, attorney Chris Jackson talks about the Colorado Supreme Court and the role it plays in our state government.

Chris Jackson is a litigator at Sherman & Howard whose practice lies at the intersection of private and public law. He frequently writes and comments on appellate law, elections, and campaign finance (particularly in Colorado). Follow Chris on Twitter at @COAppeals.