New Decisions, New Investigations, and More

It’s been an unusually busy month for public law! Here are your highlights:

  • Colorado General Assembly heats up. Attorney Chris Jackson was interviewed on Next with Kyle Clark to talk about the so-called “Red Flag Bill” making its way through the state legislature. Governor Jared Polis has also said that he will sign a bill that takes Colorado out of the Electoral College—but only if enough states pass similar legislation. And dozens of other high-impact bills are making their way through the legislative process.
  • DU holds first civil rights summit. On February 15, Attorney Chris Jackson spoke about money in politics at the Sturm College of Law’s Inaugural Civil Rights Summit. The successful event featured several prominent speakers and over 200 attendees.
  • SCOTUS rules on Excessive Fines Clause. The US Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision holding that the Eighth Amendment’s Excessive Fines Clause applies to states, and not just to the federal government. Attorney Chris Jackson was interviewed by Colorado Politics about that decision.
  • Weiser announces Catholic Church investigation. Colorado AG Phil Weiser announced that three Catholic dioceses in Colorado will cooperate in an independent, non-criminal investigation regarding sexual abuse by priests. Bob Troyer, Colorado’s former US Attorney, will head the investigation.
  • Court of Appeals finalists announced. Six attorneys were named as finalists for two open seats on the Colorado Court of Appeals. Governor Polis has until March 8 to make the selections—his first on the state’s intermediate appellate court.
  • SCOTUS denies Colorado newspaper’s cert petition. The US Supreme Court denied the Colorado Independent’s request that it review a state supreme court decision involving a demand for criminal records in the case of Sir Mario Owens.

Chris Jackson is a litigator at Sherman & Howard whose practice lies at the intersection of private and public law. He frequently writes and comments on appellate law, elections, and campaign finance (particularly in Colorado). Follow Chris on Twitter at @COAppeals.

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