Our Top 5 Requests for Santa

Dear Santa:

We’ve been very good management-side labor and employment lawyers this year. We have fought zealously for our clients and won big cases throughout the country. We have returned client calls in a timely manner and provided practical, effective legal advice. We have contributed to the development of labor and employment law nationally and locally. We have supported our local communities through charitable and pro bono efforts. And, we have blogged like crazy. Let’s face it, Santa, we rock!

And so, Santa, we ask for only five modest presents under our tree this year:

  1. Repeal the NLRB’s quickie election rules. Those unions have been really naughty and they don’t deserve the indescribably unfair tactical advantage they derive from these kangaroo court rules.
  2. The DOL needs to back off its veiled threat to meddle with the white collar duties tests when it publishes the new FLSA rules in 2016. The DOL has proved that it is extremely skillful at confusing the heck out of anything it touches, and employers need more certainty, not more confusion.
  3. The Supreme Court needs to overturn the 8th Circuit’s decision in CRST Van Expedited. Reversing the 8th Circuit’s decision would revive a $4.69 million attorneys’ fees award against the EEOC and hopefully teach the EEOC an important lesson about government abuse of power.
  4. The NLRB needs to abandon its proposed persuader rules. Like the quickie election rules, the persuader rules are intended to further tilt the playing field in favor of union organizers by making it even harder for employers to fight organizing campaigns without facing countless unfair labor practice charges.
  5. Please make sure our clients and our non-union, non-agency blog readers have a joyous holiday season and an incredibly prosperous 2016.