St. Louis Post Dispatch Features Expertise from Sherman & Howard’s Patrick Scully About The National Labor Relations Board’s Role in Missouri Democratic Party Employee Firing Case

DENVER, Colo. (December 17, 2021) ­– The St. Louis Post-Dispatch covered a recent settlement case between the Missouri Democratic Party (MDP) and their former Data Director, Ben Conover, fired last year during union bargaining negotiations. The MDP discovered Conover was working as a paid consultant for a candidate in an opposed Democratic primary, while still holding his position with the Party. Faced with the risk that Conover’s ability to access confidential data would create a perception of unfairness, the Party let him go. Conover claims that the MDP’s claim is false and in actuality, he was fired for his union activity. The National Labor Relations Board found merit to Conover’s claims and issued a formal complaint against the party.

Sherman & Howard’s Patrick Scully, who represents employers in labor disputes for the firm, shared what the settlement means for legal precedent in future cases. He explained that because this settlement was reached directly between the respondent and charging party, it doesn’t create a precedent that would affect other political party employees who file unfair labor practices charges. However, the NLRB board would likely take the same position in a similar case if one were to emerge in the future.

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