S&H’s Best Lawyers Featured in Law Week Colorado’s Best in the West

Sherman and Howard’s three “Lawyer of the Year” recipients, as named by Best Lawyers, appeared in the magazine’s article, “Best of the Best: Colorado ‘Lawyers of the Year’ Reflect on 2021-22.

David Lucas (Public Finance Law), Patrick Scully (Labor Law and Management), and Jay Sturhahn (Litigation and Insurance) reflected on the past year and acknowledged the accolades they received are a team effort.

Lucas: “The public finance markets have experienced a great deal of turbulence over the last 12 months. From historically low interest rates leading to high demand for municipal bonds to now much more difficult conditions, it has been a very demanding ride.”

Sturhahn: “I was fortunate enough to be trusted by my clients to take cases to trial and help negotiate some creative resolutions to disputes. No lawyer succeeds without strong support from the staff, other lawyers, and the firm.”

Scully: “Sherman & Howard has supported me and the other traditional labor lawyers on the labor and employment law team, keeping us on top of the rapid changes in labor law.”

Additionally, Sherman and Howard “Best Lawyers” recipients Peter Koclanes, Emily Keimig, Ray Deeny, and Patrick Miller, were quoted in the article, “Colorado Business Attorneys Make Waves on Best Lawyers List.” All noted the challenges presented to themselves and their clients in working with Covid-19.

Koclanes, recognized for his work in Commercial Litigation / Ethics and Professional Responsibility Law / Litigation: Intellectual Property stated, “The Covid pandemic put substantial pressure on and shut down many aspects of our daily lives. Despite this, the number of business disputes requiring some form of resolution during the pandemic not only failed to drop but, in my experience, they increased.”

Keimig, who was recognized for Litigation: Labor and Employment, also lamented the changes the pandemic created. “In my experience, clients are well-intentioned, and they want to comply with the plethora of new and existing laws, even if they don’t love them. It is a lot. I think our clients, almost universally, view this new legal landscape – both inside and outside our state and region – as overwhelming and difficult to get their arms around.”

Added Miller, recognized for his work Employment Law: Management, “Employers continued to grapple with the safety and health landscape which has been reshaped by the pandemic. From OSHA enforcement to on again/off again requirements related to the virus, it has been a challenge for clients to keep up.”

Deeny, recognized for his work in Employment Litigation, added: “Zoom hearings and potential for trials moving to a virtual format have depersonalized the practice somewhat, which can appear artificial and take away that personal touch on which we pride ourselves.”

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