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SHRM Quotes John Alan Doran in Article Discussing Response Speed to Harassment Allegations

December 1, 2017 – The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) quoted Sherman & Howard’s Labor & Employment attorney, John Alan Doran, in the article “A Rush to Judgment?”

As sexual harassment allegations have surfaced over the last few months in Hollywood, Congress and big-name companies, executives have rushed to damage control mode by firing or denouncing the alleged harasser. “In the face of the #metoo movement, delay appears to be as damning as inaction or approval,” John said. “This means employers have to act with extraordinary haste in the face of harassment allegations or face public scorn for foot-dragging. But both HR and the legal team can and should, in most cases, suggest a more measured and equally defensible approach—suspension pending investigation—bearing in mind that long, drawn-out investigations could result in the same public scorn.”

To read more of John’s statements and the full article, click here.

Article: “A Rush to Judgment?” Society for Human Resource Management. December 1, 2017.