Sherman & Howard Skip Smith Represents Private Astronaut in First Commercial Flight to ISS

DENVER, Colo. (January 27, 2021) — Inaugurating a new era of human spaceflight, Sherman & Howard aerospace lawyer Milton “Skip” Smith represented private astronaut Eytan Stibbe in the negotiation of a first-of-its-kind contract with Axiom Space, which organized the various components of this mission. Smith worked closely with Axiom’s in-house counsel on both national and international legal issues in the complex and unique agreements for the first fully commercial flight to Earth’s orbit.

The multinational crew, including Michael López-Alegría (commander), Larry Connor (pilot), Mark Pathy (mission specialist), and Eytan Stibbe (mission specialist), will lay the groundwork for this new era of private spaceflight. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is scheduled to launch the AX-1 mission no earlier than January 2022, using a Crew Dragon capsule to carry the crew of four to and from the International Space Station (ISS). The crew will be in the space station for about eight days and will conduct various experiments on behalf of numerous institutions.

This mission has received widespread coverage in the media. Full coverage can be read at CNBC.

A full interview on the topic can be found in the February 8 edition of Law Week Colorado.