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Skip Smith Article Discusses Public-Private Partnerships in Space

April 19, 2018 – SpaceNews published an article by Skip Smith, “P3 or Not P3: What Can Space Ventures Learn From Terrestrial Infrastructure Projects?”  In the article, Mr. Smith discusses public-private partnerships (P3s), which are alliances between a government entity and private enterprise to accomplish a common purpose.  P3s are currently being used fairly extensively and effectively for funding space activities.  The article provides examples of P3s for space activities, infrastructure projects, and best practices .

Mr. Smith writes that “if we are to be successful in future space adventures, we must be nimble, creative, and quick. These are not characteristics of large government-led projects. Perhaps P3s can help fill this gap. Given the cost of going into space and accomplishing great things, we need to focus on how to combine public and private funding into mutually beneficial, synergistic approaches.”

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“P3 or not P3: What can space ventures learn from terrestrial infrastructure projects?,” SpaceNews.  April 19, 2018.