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Craig Morgan Offers Advice For Businesses After Arizona Rep. Don Shooter’s Sexual Harassment Case

March 6, 2018 – Craig Morgan, the Sherman & Howard attorney that led the investigation into Arizona Rep. Don Shooter’s sexual harassment case, offers advice in a Phoenix Business Journal article for public and private businesses when faced with misconduct allegations.

Craig Morgan

Mr. Morgan said the most important part of harassment investigations is getting to the truth and having a fair due process for all involved. That means taking allegations seriously and dealing with them accordingly. “To find the truth was the most important thing,” Mr. Morgan said of the Shooter investigation. Mr. Morgan said employers that handle allegations poorly erode employee morale beyond potential victims and can potentially face public relations damage beyond legal troubles.

In January, Mr. Morgan issued a report after his investigation documenting claims of inappropriate language and conduct by Shooter that led to the Arizona House of Representatives voting to expel Shooter, a Yuma Republican.

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