MoneyWise Quotes Sherman & Howard’s Beth Ann Lennon in Article “Does it Pay to Talk Salary?”

Sherman & Howard member Beth Ann Lennon is quoted in digital news outlet MoneyWise. Lennon discusses the potential drawbacks to the growing number of pay transparency laws in the United States.

In the article, “Does it pay to talk salary? Experts weigh in as California joins a growing wave of states with laws to combat the ‘culture of secrecy’ in the US workforce,” Lennon suggests that while the intent of transparency laws may be to encourage a better dialogue about pay and pay inequities, it may not.

“The devil is in the details,” she said. “Whether that intent is being accomplished, I think, is more of the open question.”

In states such as Colorado, Lennon said, “There are laws telling you don’t talk to your employees in the way that you historically have – as it relates to what are your pay expectations, what have you made in your last jobs? That kind of back and forth sometimes really helps an employee advocate for themselves. And so one of those tools that an employee may have previously had is gone.”

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