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Law Week Colorado Quoted John Alan Doran Regarding U.S. Supreme Court Class Arbitration Decision

Labor & Employment attorney, John Alan Doran was quoted by Law Week Colorado about the recent Supreme Court decision regarding class arbitration in an employment dispute. On April 24, the Supreme Court upheld its 2010 precedent that “an ambiguous agreement cannot provide the necessary contractual bases for concluding that the parties agreed to submit to class arbitration.” Moving forward, employers will need to consider what will be the best option, either class arbitration or class litigation, on a case-by-case basis.

Doran spoke towards takeaways from the decision and the impact it will have on employers moving forward. “The smart takeaway for employers is to sit down and take a look at their legal risk, deciding whether or not it makes sense to arbitrate certain cases as opposed to letting them go to court,” said Doran.

A summary of the Lamps Plus v. Varela case can be found in our Labor & Employment Blog.

The full article can be found in the May 6 edition of Law Week Colorado. Subscription or purchase required.