Law Week Colorado Features Skip Smith in Article Highlighting Colorado Construction Lawyers

Sherman & Howard attorney Skip Smith was featured in a Law Week Colorado article highlighting the Colorado construction lawyers recognized on the Best Lawyers 2024 list. Smith explained his specialty within construction law, the big issues facing his practice, and the important part artificial intelligence will play in construction planning and management.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Milton “Skip” Smith, a member of Sherman & Howard, explained his specialty is infrastructure development including highways, dams, other water resource projects and large civil projects.

Smith noted delays and disruptions are always a big issue.

“It’s the nature of large construction projects that go into the ground,” Smith wrote. “You can do Geotech evaluations pre-construction, but very often find different underground conditions.”

He believes artificial intelligence will play a larger role in construction planning and management.

“AI may be able to predict issues and provide options when certain conditions are experienced,” Smith wrote.

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