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Joe Daniels Featured on Law Week Colorado’s Legal Podcast: HearSay

Sherman & Howard Member, Joe Daniels was featured in Law Week Colorado’s legal podcast: “HearSay”. The podcast draws upon the book An Actor Prepares written by Konstantin Stanislavski, a well-known acting teacher, to show how acting theory can apply to litigation.

“That’s how a trial works it’s not just about the law or the simple facts of the case. There really is a story. You are trying to convey a message and it infuses everything you do in a case. You are never not on stage when you are putting on case. Everything that you do, wither it’s a judge or the jury, can send a message to them about the story of your case and you want to make sure it always lines up,” said Mr. Daniels.

Since beginning his law career, Mr. Daniels has quickly become a tough and valuable lawyer who is ready to take on any fight. With a background in theater, Mr. Daniels, develops appealing narratives from complex issues to captivate both judges and jurors. His narratives have helped him to establish a string of victories in all aspects of litigation, including pre-litigation strategy, discovery, motions practice, trial, and post-litigation issues.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.