James Eklund Shares Insights on Water Scarcity in the West with OwlVoices

OwlVoices, a magazine about the future of technology in sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, recently quoted Sherman & Howard water law attorney James Eklund in an article about the water scarcity crisis in the West. The article touched upon last winter’s record snow across the Upper Basin and what it means for lake water levels. Eklund predicts that, though the snow was much needed, this could undermine the sense of urgency required to address this crisis. He emphasizes the need for real action rather than maintaining the status quo.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

OwlVoices caught up with James Eklund late last March, as that massive snowpack was about to melt. A prediction by the “ranching water lawyer” is as good as it gets. He’s part of a generational beef ranch near the river, a legal mind on water rights, infrastructure, and quality, and directed the Colorado Water Conservation Board during the formulation of the Colorado Water Plan, which set the standard for conservation.

 He saw all that snow as a godsend and a curse; sorely needed, but not enough. He envisioned how it would undermine the sense of urgency to address a long-term dilemma and potential catastrophe.

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