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Report Released: Sherman & Howard Attorney Leads Investigation of Arizona House of Representatives

Read the full report here.

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January 30, 2018 – Today, the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives released an 82-page report detailing an investigation that looked into accusations of misconduct and harassment by members of the House of Representatives. The investigation was led by attorney, Craig Morgan and a team from Sherman & Howard’s Phoenix office. The team was chosen by the Speaker and a seven member committee.

In reporting his team’s findings today, Morgan said, “We found credible evidence that a sitting male representative violated the House of Representative’s Policy against Workplace Harassment in several (but not all) instances he was alleged to have done so, and by his repeated pervasive conduct has created a hostile working environment for his colleagues and those with business before the Legislature. That said, not all of the allegations against that sitting male representative are supported by independent credible evidence (such as allegations that he inappropriately physically touched a lobbyist at a bar, or made an obscene sexualized gesture at an event).”

Morgan said while he’s been a part of political investigations before, this particular investigation had several unique aspects to it. “This was an investigation where the allegations made were many. Multiple accusers made numerous allegations, with the substantial majority being made against the same person. This investigation is also unique in that it involves accusations against a sitting male and sitting female legislator, the latter of whom it was determined did not violate the workplace policy at issue” added Morgan. He says the results and execution of this investigation can serve as guidance for legislatures around the country that are grappling with similar situations right now. “This investigation was no small feat, and in many ways, was a monumental task. We navigated a series of serious allegations of workplace harassment, in a legislative setting, and in light of a zero tolerance workplace harassment policy. Fairness and accuracy were the guiding principles. Although everyone involved wanted as quick a resolution as possible, all concerned or affected by this process deserved nothing less than a fair, thorough, and accurate investigation,” Morgan says.

“Our success depended in great part on the brave people who came forward to share relevant information or evidence. We were at the mercy of those who were willing to participate in the process so justice could be done, without whom our job would have been close to impossible” Morgan says.

Read the full report here.

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