Sports Byline interviewed Sherman & Howard’s Sports Attorney Stephen Hess on International Sports Corruption

February 1, 2018 – Sports Byline interviewed Sherman & Howard’s sports attorney, Stephen Hess, regarding international sports corruption.

With the recent news that the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued grand jury subpoenas as part of the investigation into international sports corruption, the interview discusses why the DOJ is interested in international sports corruption, the history of their interest and bribes, as well as Russian and North Korean participation in the Olympic Games.

Some of the top headlines looking at the Olympics this year include “of the 39 Russians who got banned, 28 of them had their convictions thrown out.  So 28 of those people are going to get medals back, at least the ones who had medaled.  An interesting note, is that the panel that decided that they would have their convictions more or less tossed indicated they’d be eligible for the Olympics, but the International Olympic Committee has taken the position they may not invite those athletes, so that case may not be over,” said Hess.  “The more interesting part that doesn’t involve scandal, is how the North Koreans are going to have some interplay with the Olympics and whether or not that generates good will discussion that at least temporary blocks the headlines from being about lobbying nuclear weapons back and forth.”

Sports Byline Radio. February 1, 2018.