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Inside Outer Space Quotes Skip Smith on NASA Nominee

September 8, 2017 – Leonard David’s Inside Outer Space quotes Sherman & Howard Space lawyer, Skip Smith in “NASA Nominee: James Bridenstine – A Lightning Rod for Change?”  President Trump’s pick for NASA administrator, Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine, has sparked opinions in support as well as opposition from Republicans and Democrats alike.  But Skip, co-chair of Sherman & Howard’s Space Law Practice, supports the nomination. “Although [Jim Bridenstine] is sure to draw criticism from both parties due to his lack of a space ‘pedigree,’ he is one of the few people who can step into the NASA Administrator’s position and lead NASA further away from a large government bureaucracy and towards an organization that efficiently and effectively manages major space activities instead of doing them.”

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“NASA Nominee: James Bridenstine – A Lightning Rod for Change?” Leonard David’s Inside Outer Space. September 8, 2017.