Stephen Hess Featured in Law Week Colorado

February 26, 2018 – The most recent Olympic controversy has the International Olympic Committee (IOC) taking an active role in the Legal and regulatory aspects of interacting with international sports federations. Sherman & Howard’s sports law attorney Stephen Hess talked about the IOC and other federations this week in Law Week Colorado.

Integrity is a continuing concern in the world of international sports. Some examples that were brought up were FIFA and the International Boxing Association. “IOC is being more aggressive than in the past in trying to exercise control over international federations,” Mr. Hess said. This was in regards to AIBA’s president being found  to be mismanaging money while the organization was still dealing with the fallout of a match-fixing scandal at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The IOC threatened to remove the association or boxing as a sport from the 2020 Olympics. “It withheld money from boxing, threatened to boot weightlifting, threatened to take wrestling out of the Olympics… IOC is keenly aware of the problems and is starting to throw its weight around.”

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“2018 Winter Olympic Games: Quiet but Not Without Challenges,” Law Week Colorado. February 27, 2018.