Arizona Republic Quotes Craig Morgan on Highly Publicized Election Fraud Case

The Arizona Republic this week quoted Sherman & Howard’s Craig Morgan after a Maricopa County judge ruled against the gubernatorial challenger who claimed ballot signatures in the 2022 general election were not verified correctly. Morgan represented the Secretary of State’s office in a three-day trial from May 17-19.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

Defense lawyers welcomed (the judge’s) decision following the case that, while seemingly about signature verification, often veered into larger questions about securing elections and voter trust.

“The court’s ruling only confirms what we have known all along: Arizona’s elections are safe, secure, and reliable, and those who help facilitate Arizona’s elections are honest, have the highest integrity, and are committed to the preservation of our democracy,” said Craig Morgan, an attorney with Sherman & Howard who represented the secretary of state. “This is a victory for Arizona, our election processes, and voters across the state.”

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