DOL Worm About to Turn

By John Alan Doran

President-Elect Trump continued on his streak of appointing controversial cabinet members today when he announced Andrew Puzder as his choice to head the DOL. Mr. Puzder’s name may be familiar to those of you who crave charcoal-broiled fast food. He is the CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.  He is also an extremely vocal critic of increasing the minimum wage, the Affordable Care Act, the DOL’s currently-enjoined overtime regulations, and the immigration and trade policies of the Obama Administration.  Whatever game employers, employees, and unions have been playing for the last eight years, the rules are about to change. TOTALLY. We can expect Mr. Puzder to do all in his power to recalibrate the employer/employee dynamic in a pro-business paradigm that will make heads spin.  In light of the appointment of this very vocal opponent of pro-employee movements such as the $15 an hour campaign, we can’t begin to imagine who the President-Elect will select to fill the two vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board when he takes office. It will be nearly impossible for the President-Elect to “trump” this appointment when he turns his attention to the NLRB.  (See what we did there?  A Trump pun.  Get it?)