The Holidays Came Early for Employers

By James Korte Employers rejoice! The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) released a string of rulings on Monday reversing three controversial Obama-era decisions. With these rulings, the NLRB returned to long-standing rules in areas of significance prior to the sweeping changes made by the Obama-era Board. The NLRB’s return to the “old” tests should again provide […]

Personal Journal May Be Protected Activity

By Alyssa L. Levy In Fischer v. Sentry Ins. A Mutual Co., an employee kept a log of when she felt sexually harassed or discriminated against by her employer. The log went missing shortly before the company fired her. In her retaliation complaint, the employee essentially asked the Court to infer her employer was aware […]

Lethal Danger Needed to Invoke Wrongful Discharge Claim

By Joseph Hunt Zero tolerance against workplace violence is a laudable policy. So too is encouraging employees to withdraw to safety when encountering workplace violence. Thus, when two employees get into a fight, a rational response (and one consistent with these policies) may be to fire both employees. There is an ongoing debate in courts […]