Loss of Trust in Manager Is Good Cause to Fire

By Bill Wright Montana is one of the few states where employers must have good cause to fire an employee.  In this recent case, the employer fired its site manager because he had an employee return to work without a medical release and sign a supervisor’s signature on his time cards.  The employee’s defense? You […]

Equal Pay in a #MeToo World

By Elizabeth Chilcoat A recent case illustrates the perils of paying women less than men – even when there appears to be a good reason to do so.  In Bowen v. Manheim Remarketing, Inc., the company promoted the plaintiff, a woman, to replace a more experienced male employee.  The plaintiff was paid less than the […]

Through Good Times and Bad: Husband Has Retaliation Claim Based on Assisting Spouse’s Pregnancy Discrimination Claim

By Chance Hill A federal district court in Kansas denied a car dealership’s motion for summary judgment regarding a former sales manager’s retaliation claims.  Specifically, the sales manager contended that the company fired him because he became emotional in a meeting with HR over his wife’s charge of pregnancy discrimination against the dealership.  The sales manager […]