4 Retaliation Lessons from Comey’s Firing

By John Alan Doran Regardless of your political views, most will agree that President Trump’s firing of F.B.I. Director James Comey was fraught with potential controversy.  Employers can find at least four takeaways from what was, in short, a retaliation “how not to do it” checklist. First, regardless of the reason for a proposed termination, […]

Spell Out Interview Results

By Bill Wright An employer in Mississippi will face trial on a claim of race discrimination because it has not explained the interview scores two candidates received.  In Calvin v. MS Dept. Rehab. Servs., Civil No. 3:15-CV-827-HTW-LRA (S.D. Miss. May 4, 2017), the plaintiff claimed he was denied a promotion because of his race.  He […]

OSHA Dumps Crocodile Dundee Rule

By Pat Miller and John Alan Doran You may recall from the Crocodile Dundee movies that Dundee was a big fan of walkabouts in the Australian outback…and Manhattan. A while back OSHA began encouraging walkabouts of a sort. Back in 2013, OSHA issued its infamous “Fairfax memo”, which concluded that non-union employees could designate a union representative or […]