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EEOC Preparing to Adopt New Harassment Guidance By Beth Ann Lennon The EEOC recently issued new proposed Guidance regarding how EEOC investigators should process charges of discrimination alleging harassment. The new Guidance describes heightened requirements for employers seeking to rely on their anti-harassment policies and reporting procedures to avoid liability. Many of the EEOC’s “suggestions” […]

AZ ADA Trolls Benchslapped

By John Alan Doran An Arizona trial court today put a stop to one of the more egregious abuses of civil rights laws, dismissing well over 1,000 lawsuits filed by ADA trolls against Arizona property owners and lessees. The explosion of ADA lawsuits in Arizona has been well documented by the media. But most of […]

Trump’s Puzder Gets Pulled

By John Alan Doran Andrew Puzder will not be the next Secretary of the DOL. The fast food magnate of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. fame “withdrew” his name from the confirmation process a few hours ago. The White House confirmed his withdrawal. When then-President-Elect Trump nominated Puzder to be the next DOL head on December […]

Cheerleaders Slam NFL with Suit

By Mercedes Pineda Just before the Big Game, a former cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers “Gold Rush Girls” filed a class action lawsuit against the NFL, claiming the league conspired to keep the female athletes’ pay below market value. Seeking up to $300 million in damages, the suit claims cheerleaders earn a paltry flat […]