Colorado Vacation Pay Update

By Andy Volin Earlier this month, we alerted you that the Colorado Department of Labor was considering an enforcement position with respect to “use it or lose it” vacation policies. The CDOL recently issued a FAQ document about Colorado’s 2015 Wage Protection Act, which included 2 questions and answers about these policies. CDOL website with […]

Colorado Vacation Pay Alert

By Andy Volin Colorado employers should check their vacation policies to make sure they aren’t “use it or lose it” type policies. The Colorado Department of Labor is soon to announce new enforcement provisions that will prohibit any forfeiture of earned vacation pay. We will alert you when the CDOL finalizes this rule. In the […]

Not Just For Facebook

By Emily Keimig The issue of cross border data transfer—including employee data— that is. Four years ago, Austrian law student Max Schrems attended a semester abroad study at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, where he heard one of Facebook’s privacy lawyers speak. In the wake of that class, Schrems launched an attack on Facebook’s […]

EEOC to Pay One Mmmillion Dollars

By Bill Wright In EEOC v. Global Horizons, Inc. et al., No. CV-11-3045-EFS (E.D. Wash.), the court determined that the EEOC had conducted a shoddy administrative investigation and lacked a factual basis to pursue its theory of joint-employer liability against the defendants. The court invited the defendants to petition for attorney fees. They requested over […]